Shadow Fight 2 vs 3- Is SF3 Better SF2?

“Experience the thrilling world of martial arts with the popular fighting games Shadow Fight 2 and Shadow Fight 3 developed by Nekki. These games are the successors of the hit game “Shadow Fight” which was shut down on September 29, 2017. Both SF2 and SF3 are known for their incredible graphics, immersive gameplay, and wide range of character customization options. 

In Shadow Fight 2 vs 3 comparison, players enjoy advanced graphics and gameplay features and an in-depth story mode in both Shadow Fight 2 and Shadow Fight 3. It’s difficult to say which game is superior as it ultimately comes down to personal preference. Discover the comparison and contrast of both games and decide which one is better for you with this informative article. 

Shadow Fight 2

Similarities between Shadow Fight 2 vs 3

The similarities analysis is based on three factors: graphics, story mde and customized set of characters:

Graphics Comparison Shadow Fight 2 vs 3

Graphics is one of the significant critical similarities between the two games, creating lifelike characters and environments. Highly detailed character models and animation enhance the realism of the gaming experience. The atmosphere in these games is also impressively complex, with several locations ranging from forests and temples to cities and arenas.

Story Mode

Both Shadow Fight 2 and Shadow Fight 3 follow a story mode of the players’ journey through a series of battles against increasingly challenging opponents that increase in difficulty over time.

Customized Set of Characters

Both SF2 and SF3 offer an extensive selection of characters, each with unique fighting styles and special moves. Players have the ability to customize these characters and their equipment, such as weapons, armor, and gear.

Shadow Fight 3

Differences between Shadow Fight 2 vs 3

The differences are based on three factors: settings, character customizaiton option, campaign mode. combat system and multiplayer mode:


The key difference between SF2 and SF3 is the setting where the game takes place. For example, Shadow Fight 2 operates in a fictional world where players control the “Shadow” character in a quest to defeat his powerful enemy, Malevolent One. In contrast, Shadow Fight 3 operates in a more realistic world where players control a character embroiled in a struggle between three powerful factions competing for control of the world’s ancient artifacts. 

Character Customization Option

Another difference between SF2 and SF3 is the character customization options in the game. SF 2 allows players to customize their character’s appearance by choosing from various outfits, weapons, and special moves. SF3 offers more extensive character customization options, allowing players to choose from a wide range of different outfits, weapons, and special moves. Players even have the option to customize the hair, face, and body of chosen characters.

Campaign Mode Comparison

Both games work in campaign mode, in which players must defeat a series of increasingly difficult opponents to advance through the game. The campaign mode has several chapters in SF2 with a specific set of enemies and bosses that players must overcome. On the other hand, in SF3, this campaign mode features an open-ended, where players are allowed to choose desired factions to align with and complete missions for.

Combat Systems

Another difference between SF2 and SF3 is the combat system. For example, Shadow Fight 2 has a more traditional combat system where players can perform various punches, kicks, and special moves by pressing different combinations of buttons on the controller. In contrast, Shadow Fight 3 features a more advanced combat system where players can perform advanced moves and combos by combining button presses with joystick movements.

Multiplayer Mode of SF2 vs SF3

Both SF2 and SF3 feature multiplayer mode that allows players to challenge others in a real-time setting. The online multiplayer is called Tournament in Shadow Fight 2 and where players can participate in ranked matches in the tournament to climb the leaderboards. On the other hand, SF3 features a multiplayer mode called “Duel” where players can challenge each other to one-on-one games or join a faction and compete in faction wars. In both multiplayer modes, players can test their skills against opponents and enjoy a different level of gaming.

Combat Shadow Fight
Shadow Fight 2Shadow Fight 3
Operates in a fictional worldOperates in a near-to-realistic
Limited customization in outfits, weapons, and movesHuge customization options for outfits, weapons, faces, and body
Seven chapters of a campaign mode with specific bosses and enemiesOpen-ended campaign mode with factions to complete missions
Traditional combat system with combinations of buttons on the controllerAdvanced combat with advanced levels of moves and combos (both buttons and joystick movement)
Comparison Table of SF2 and SF3

Final Words!

So, Is Shadow Fight 2 Good than Shadow Fight 3?

SF2 and SF3 are immersive fighting games that offer a deep, immersive gameplay experience. While they have some key differences, such as the setting and character customization options, they also have many similarities, including their campaign modes, combat systems, and online multiplayer modes. 

It is subjective to say which game is better, as everyone has their preferences. However, Shadow Fight 3 has more advanced graphics and gameplay mechanics along with a new character customization feature and a storyline that follows the events of Shadow Fight 2. Both games have received positive reviews and have a strong player base; hence, either game can be a good choice for fight-gaming enthusiasts.

Shadow Fight 2 VS 3


The major difference is the style; for example, SF2 relies on the 2D art style, whereas, SF3 on the 3D art style. The fighting system in SF3 is more complex than its predecessor as it equips with new weapons and equipment.

Both SF2 and SF3 have a story mode where players advance to the next level by fighting against opponents and unlocking new equipment.

Yes, both games are available for mobile devices (iOS and Android) and PC.

Yes, both games are available to play offline, once the games are downloaded and installed on the device. However, features like online multiplayer modes and leaderboards are not accessible offline. 

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