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Shadow Fight 3
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Shadow Fight 3, the sequel to Shadow Fight 2, was released in 2017 and has gained worldwide recognition among fighting gaming lovers. Just like SF2, it is also set in the Shadow world, where players fight their way using a wide range of weapons and special moves. Unlike its predecessors, SF3 relies on lifelike 3D characters, giving an enriched animated environment look. The shadows still are there and perform spectacular physics-defying actions based on the character’s Shadow Abilities. The APK version of Shadow Fight 3 is available in Android, iOS and Windows versions.

The Storyline of Shadow Fight 3

The game is set in an environment where shadows are crucial in developing the world’s power structure. People experience Shadow Energy in their war life and daily routine. The developer Nekki had experience creating two-dimensional games like Shadow Fight 2 and Vector. The 3D story of Shadow Fight 3 revolves around three factions. The details of these characters is presented here.

  • Legion: These are the most powerful and ready to attack the Dynasty’s lands against shadow threat. They want to destroy the energy so others cannot use it for their gain. It uses fast and agile movements against opponents.
  • Dynasty: They work to strengthen the energy and believe the tool should solve several issues. Its main fighting style is utilizing strength and power.
  • Heralds: It is the third and most mysterious faction in black clothes who have more energy knowledge than others. They believe in learning the energy, its origins, and its capabilities. Their main fighting style comprises speed and power in combination with elements from Legion and Dynasty.

In the story, a hero emerges who works hard to end the war and make the world peaceful. Players decide by themselves which is their preferred path to fight. They need to fight against shadow energy which plays a negative role in disturbing the power balance in the world. Gates of Shadow releases energy which is a dangerous weapon for some factions. All three divisions offer different fighting styles, so players can master themselves by utilizing various combat techniques.

Shadow Fight 3

Gameplay Revitalization of Shadow Fight 3

Shadow Fight 3 allows players to customize their in-game avatars. For example, they can choose their favorite names, features, hairstyles, and colors before starting the game. These characters acquire the latest skills by upgrading themselves and following directions set by the player. The control level in these games is strong because players can combine a wide range of weapons and armor for their characters.

Shadow Fight 3 lets players pick perks and special moves to strengthen their play style. Further, the game allows fighters to enjoy in-game shopping, daily rewards, and leveling up bonuses in the form of coins and gems to facilitate the fighting process. The game will enable players to conquer quests and get information about different horizons. The game allows for duels and multiplayer mode depending on the players’ availability and the fighters’ interests. Besides, events like the Creepy party allow players to boost their skills to collect Unique gear.

In addition to primary weapons and hand-kicks, the game offers special abilities to players so they can be champions in battle. Shadow Energy can be used to strengthen attacks, giving players an advanced level of energy. All these features make the competition even more challenging and exciting. The dynamic storyline engages the player to complete missions and uncover secrets for the shadow world. One must make robust strategies to win games and be a champion in the shadows.

Shadow Fight 3- 3D

Critical Features of Shadow Fight 3

The critical dimensions of Shadow Fight 3 Gameplay are as discussed:

  • Shadow Fight 3 offers an expansive world to explore with complete missions and locations to defeat enemies. Besides regular enemies, players have to compete against powerful bosses. These are the most brutal enemies which can be beaten with unique strategies and a combination of weapons and armor.
  • Players can play in tournaments or pair up with friends to handle the challenges against opponents in multiplayer mode. It is exciting to play against real players and rank on top of the leaderboard.
  • There must be a robust set of equipment and weapons so players can upgrade their skills and enhancing abilities. This combination of tools and equipment determines the battle outcome.
  • The game offers 3D graphics, unlike 2D graphics in Shadow Fight 2, showing a mesmerizing dark shadow world. It provides a beautiful environment with lifelike enemies and epic results and pictures.
  • The sound effects and music add further charm to the overall gaming experience. The music ranges from an intense battle tune to the satisfying sound of weapons to mesmerize players.
  • Players can get bonus rewards by participating in different events. These events come from daily missions and limited-time challenges where players win coveted items. Besides, players face new heroes with new abilities, diverting players from the storyline and offering a refreshing change for a limited time.
  • Shadow Fight 3 regularly encourages players to upgrade main characters with a broad layer of customization where they can improve their skills and fight against giant enemies. Hence, players need to train their heroes to end the shadow energy. It will restore peace and assist players in meeting their destinies.
Shadow Fight 3 Powers

Pros and Cons of Shadow Fight 3


Improved gameplay compared to previous versions enriching the gamers’ experience

The game has an exciting and hooking storyline

Character customization helps players choose the right skills to win the battle

The 3D graphics make the game more mesmerizing and fun to play.


Players need vast amounts of money to move from one level to another

Duels are dependent on skills which get challenging with advanced levels

The control of the game is somehow weak and gets stuck sometimes.

The game progression is time taking compared to opponents.

Shadow Fight 3 Map

Features of Shadow Fight 3 Mod APK

The in-app purchases in Shadow Fight 3 allow players to advance the levels quickly. However, the drawback is that these are paid if you download the app through Playstore. If you want to conquer different levels without spending a single dollar, then Shadow Fight 3 MOD APK is your preferred option. The mod features offer the following benefits to players:

  • Unlimited Money and Gems: Shadow 3 MOD APK offers unlimited currency, which can be used to enhance characters and upgrade equipment that can be used to progress in the game with agility.
  • Unlocked Items: The modded version offers players unlocked items and equipment. These equipment are hard to get if you do not clear a level or pay huge in-game currency to purchase those items.
  • Reach to Maximum Level: Players through the MOD application can reach up to 99 levels instantly. The reason is that they are free to upgrade their characters to gain an ultimate fighting experience.
  • No Advertisement: It offers a no-ads gaming experience where players can focus on their fighting experiences without getting interruptions by advertisements.

How to Install Shadow Fight Mod APK 3

Install the modded version by following these step-by-step guidelines on your android phone:

  • Click the download button, and the game will immediately start downloading
  • Now go to your mobile setting and enable the option “install from unknown sources.”
  • Go to the Files or My File option and install the game from the APK folder.
  • Follow the guidelines and enjoy the latest Shadow Fight 3 with unlimited coins, gems, and unlocked weapons.
Shadow Fight  Installation Step 1
Installation Step 2 and 3

Final Words

Are you ready to enjoy unlimited features and currencies, unlocked weapons, and an ad-free experience of the Shadow game? The Shadow Fight 3 MOD APK is the ultimate solution for you. The game is full of surprises; hence, you need to download the game to defeat warriors on different levels. The game will provide you entire a different horizon and engage you throughout the battle.


It is a 3D actin-role-playing game where players fight against opponents at different levels using weapons and special moves. It is a sequel to Shadow Fight 1 (terminated back in 2017).

The game offers in-app purchases that can enhance the player’s experience. However, the modded version of the game is free, and you can download it from our website.

While the game’s developers do not officially endorse the APK version, it is generally considered safe. However, as with any third-party software, it is essential to exercise caution and ensure that you download the Mod APK from a reputable source. You can also enjoy other related games from our website.

D-pad can be used to move characters that are presented on the left side. Players can use kick and punch options to attack their opponents.

You just have to click the “download” button, and the game will be ready to play on your phone. Just install the game from APK in the Files section of your android. 

No, you cannot play the game offline as it requires server to play and synchronize the data.

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