Shadow Fight 3 Characters

Do you possess the necessary skills and abilities to become a master fighter? Shadow Fight 3 has captivated gameplay and intriguing storyline with a lot of characters. One of the most appealing aspects of the game is its diverse and well-designed characters. From the versatile Shadow to the powerful Kibo and the cunning Itu, each character in the game offers a unique set of abilities and playstyles that cater to different preferences. The article explores Shadow Fight 3 characters with their unique abilities to give a glimpse into the exciting world of this beloved game. You can download Shadow Fight 3 MOD APK from our website.

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So gear up, and let’s dive in!

Leading Shadow Fight 3 Characters

The leading characters for Shadow Fight 3 are Shadow’s Descendant, Shadow Mind, June, Itu and Marcus:

  • The Hero of SF3 is the Shadow’s Descendant who is known as the main protagonist. He has an evil version known as an antagonist of Shadow Fight 3. He is a male character, but players are allowed to customize this character into female. The character contains Shadow’s powers which can be vehemence with Shadow Mind. As the game progresses, the descendant learns to control the power of shadows and becomes a formidable fighter in their own right.
  • Shadow Mind, the core of the Shadow Energy possesses relevant sentience with unfathomable strength. The Descendant of Shadow becomes connected to Shadow Mind after undergoing a ritual, and the two entities become intertwined. Shadow Mind’s presence adds an extra layer of intrigue and mystery to the Shadow Fight 3 storyline, as players try to unravel the entity’s true intentions.
  • Shadow Fight 3 June, the leading character is the daughter of the Emperor. She is a soft-hearted person and listens to ordinary people and their problems. Not only is SF3 June a vital part of the game’s storyline, but she also plays an essential role in assisting players throughout the game. June’s life takes an unexpected turn when Galen sees her potential and decides to train her. Initially mistaken as a spy, from then on, she plays an essential role as an assistant to the player, providing them with valuable information and assistance throughout the game.
  • Itu in Shadow Fight 3 is another leading character, is the first Herald and holds the title of Dome redeemer. With his vast knowledge regarding Shadow Energy, Itu assists players during their qusts. However, later it was discovered that Itu accompanying players was a copy, not the real Shadow Fight 3 Itu. The original Itu removed his master Bolo and taken his place.
  • Marcus Shadow Fight 3 who was the Legion Fortress general in the past, disappeared under mysterious circumstances. Later, in Chapter 3 of Shadow Fight 3, he appeated as a second boss.
Shadow Fight 3 Characters

Legion: Shadow Fight 3 Characters

The Legion characters are Sarge, Gizmo, Ambassador, Greta and many others as discussed below:

  • Sarge, the antagonist is known as the last boss of Chapter 1 who relies on Shadow Energy in accomplishing his mission. His role is to welcome new players and guide them in fighting and explaining them the Shadow Squad.    
  • Gimzo, another character in Shadow Fight 3 is legionary who relies on hand-to-hand combat. He always has a great envy against players who are his partners and perform better than him.
  • Ambassador in Shadow Fight 3 is famous for his diplomatic immunity from Legion. Legion sent him as an ambassador so he could negotiate with enemies. However, due to his lack of interest in bringing peace, results in even more conflicts.
  • Greta, the minor character appeared in the Chapter II of Shadow Fight 3. She is the elder sister of Gimzo and she fights against player as a revenge for her sister Gizmo.
  • Lost Scout was another minor character whose role is in patrolling the area nearby the Legion region.
  • Moira, the youngest sister of Iolanda possesses strange and extraordinary powers. She projects unintentionally her emotions into real things. She has child-like features, but, she is actually not a kid, because, she was present even before the Legion.
  • Helga has an appearance in the Marcus’s Plane and is a part of Legion royal family. Her father, Reinhard was cruel. That is why, Helga gave up her right to throne. She earned the power of the Light and escaped from the abdicator’s tower.
  • Ironclad in Shadow Fight 3 has an appearance in Marcus’s Plane. He pushes players to a desert “Ancestor’s Arena”. He asks players to tackle living armors and he himself protects the opposite direction. He believes in taking assistance from others for powerful alliance against enemies.
  • Lieutenant Seigfried in Shadow Fight 3 was the Greta’s boyfriend and appeared during Marcus’s Plane.
  • King of the Legion in Shadow Fight 3 is the former ruler of the Legion. He appeared in Marcus’s Plane and is the father of Iolanda and Moira.
  • Millenium Wolf is another character which appeared in Marcus’s Plane. He is the leader of the Drevars, the oldest ancestor of the Wolven tribe, and a hero among the Drevars. He made the practice of worshipping fire the main religion before the Shadow Legion existed.
  • Sven is a key character in Marcus’s Plane, a popular story. He holds the title of Prince among the Northern fire children and is encountered as a formidable opponent in Part 1 of Marcus’s Plane. His weapons of choice are the rare and powerful Drevar Songs, a pair of maces that make him a challenging adversary.
Shadow Fight 3 Characters

Dynasty: Shadow Fight 3 Characters

Dynasty characters in Shadow Fight 3 are Deng Rao, Emissary, Galen and many others as discussed below:

  • In Shadow Fight 3, Deng Rao is a bad guy known as an antagonist. Players encounter him during Chapter I: Legion. Deng Rao is the leader of Dynasty, and he wants to overthrow the Emperor from his position of power.
  • Emissary Wei is a character in Shadow Fight 3 who appears briefly during Chapter I. While he is a minor character, he serves an important role as an emissary of the Dynasty, a powerful organization in the game’s universe.
  • Galen is a prominent character in the popular game Shadow Fight 3, who appears in Chapter II. He is the owner of a martial arts school in the Dynasty capital and shares a close friendship with the Dynasty Emperor. Galen is fiercely committed to safeguarding the Sphere and contributed in developing the Dynasty’s current stance towards shadow energy are quite noteworthy.
  • Emperor in Shadow Fight 3 is the father of June and has been the ruler of Dynasty. The Emperor is part of a group known as the Three Arrows, which includes Galen and Bolo. Their objective is to study the power of The Sphere and harness it for the betterment of humanity.
  • Phang, a captain, with a fastest ship in Dynasty. Phang is a courageous young man who can be a bit stubborn at times. He is devoted to the Dynasty and admires June, who is a princess. Phang joins the group to help find Shadow and to protect June from any danger along the way.
  • Jet, is a female character, who is Nomad. She is one of the few survivors of the destroyed Dynasty. However, she is known to be a greedy and malicious liar who uses deception to take advantage of others for her personal gain. Her behavior often involves misleading those around her.
  • Tarlan, a character in Shadow Fight 3 has an appearance during Marcus’s Plane. The prince of the Steppe Nomads and Galen’s son is a character who appears in Part 2 of Marcus’ plane. He fights alongside his pet falcon, Aurora, and wields a unique set of weapons called Umbral Heirs. These weapons are very rare and highly valued.
Shadow Fight 3 Characters

Heralds: Shadow Fight 3 Characters

  • Shibata is a character from Shadow Fight 3 who appears in Chapter III. He works for Itu and supervises the Void Room, which was created by Bolo to help the Emperor escape from the Sphere.
  • Master Okada is another character from Shadow Fight 3. He created the shadow bots and used to work for Bolo, but he disagreed with Bolo’s treatment of shadow energy and became his enemy.
  • Iolanda is the Queen of Legion and older sister of Moira. She challenged the old Legion ways and blamed the Elders for making their land vulnerable.
  • Stranger is a character who researches history and the significance of influential figures. He conducts the research to evaluate the significance for these people in historical events.
  • Kitsune-1, Nanami, and May are characters who appear in Itu’s Plane.
  • Lynx and Twelfth are characters who appear in the finale, The Gates of Shadows.
  • Kibo is an agent of Three Arrows and the owner of the Heralds school Iron Beaks.
  • Feldsher provides emergency medical treatment to injured people during the fighting phase.
  • Bolo is The Third Arrow and has a vision that clashes with others’, causing misfortunes to those around him.
Shadow Fight 3 Characters

Other Shadow Fight 3 Characters

The other characters are discussed as below:

  • Fangirl loves attending celebrations and fights in Shadow Fight 3.
  • Ling is a shaman-turned-blacksmith who uses shadow energy to create helpful tools.
  • Xiang Tzu’s animosity towards the player is met with a fight in Chapter II. Yukka is a survivor of the shadow rig blast and is fought as a boss in Chapter IV.
  • Chief is the primary antagonist in Chapter V who has taken control of Shadow Island using shadow energy.
  • Shadow is a legendary hero turned evil tyrant who wants to create a new world. Void Speaker or Ishtar is a character who appears in several events and the Epilogue.
  • Mnemos is the last surviving member of the Ancients and appears in Finale: The Gates of Shadows.
Shadow Fight 3 Characters

Final Words: Shadow Fight 3 Characters

In the end, Shadow Fight 3 has done an amazing job in creating a captivating world filled with unique and dynamic characters. With a great balance between old and new characters, the game manages to cater to both longtime fans and new players. The diverse cast adds depth and complexity to the game, making it an enjoyable experience for all skill levels. Overall, Shadow Fight 3 Characters are a testament to the game’s overall quality and the developers’ dedication to creating an immersive world for its players to enjoy.


Shadow Fight 3 features a diverse cast of characters, including over 30 playable characters, each with their unique abilities, strengths, and weaknesses.

Yes, players can choose their preferred character from the game’s roster and customize them with weapons, armor, and perks to suit their playstyle.

Yes, all Shadow Fight 3 Characters has its unique abilities, which can range from quick strikes to heavy attacks, from ranged abilities to defensive skills.


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