Shadow Fight Shades v 0.2.0 for Android

Shadow Fight has gained a large fan base due to its unique gameplay, martial arts elements, and engaging storylines. Nekki, in partnership with Banzai.Games, is set to launch a new game called Shadow Fight Shades. Shadow Fight Shades is expected to be between Shadow Fight 2 and Shadow Fight 3, serving as a sequel and prequel to these two games, respectively. The first beta experiment of Shadow Fight: Shades (Shadow Fight 5) was conducted on September 12th, 2022.

Shadow Fight Shades

Features of Shadow Fight: Shades

Shadow Fight Shades is yet to be launched. It is expected to offer similar characters and gameplay to Shadow Fight 2, including the iconic shades representing stronger and more challenging opponents. The shades will strengthen the player in taking advantage, similar to Perks and Enchantments in previous games. The game is also expected to offer additional worlds, playing and fighting styles, and diverse opponents that players can fight against.

Besides, opponents could diversify their gameplay skills through impressive features. Like Shadow Fight 2, there would be several bonuses and in-app purchases to assist players in defeating strong opponents. Nekki has not yet explained the detailed description of Shadow Fight Shades and its gameplay. For this, fighters have to wait for the launch.

Shadow Fight Shades

Gameplay of Nekki Shadow Fight Shades

The gameplay of Shadow Fight 5 is expected to be similar to previous games in the series. The game will feature various fighting styles, weapons, and moves that players can use to defeat opponents. However, we have to wait for detailed gameplay.

Shades v.0.2.0 introduces a host of exciting features, including a second story act, comic illustrations at the beginning of each game chapter, a challenging game mode for players who have finished the story, and four new locations to explore. Additionally, there are now character avatars, a variety of weapons, and unique game Shades available to use.

In terms of visual enhancements, the game features new shades icons, improved music and sound effects, and special visual effects for both the Shades and bosses. The update also includes various balance changes and technical/UI improvements for an overall better gaming experience.

Shadow Fight Shades v 0.2.0

The Storyline of Nekki Shades

The storyline of Shadow Fight Shades is still a mystery, and Nekki has not released any official information about it. However, fans of the series can expect a compelling storyline that follows the previous games’ themes of martial arts, honor and fighting for justice.

The world was rescued and everything appeared to be peaceful and tranquil, but the consequences of past actions always linger. Shadow was aware that the brief moment of calmness would not last forever.

Suddenly, strange and enigmatic Shadow Rifts appeared throughout the world, transporting travelers to unknown locations and granting them newfound powers known as Shades. Shadow had to traverse through these Rifts, utilizing his Shades abilities to seal them and uncover the secret behind their existence. However, the question remained: what would be the cost of doing so?

Shadow Fight 5

Shadow Fight Shades Release Date

The most common quesiton now a days is, “when will shadow fight shades be released?” The developer has not yet announced an official release date for Shadow Fight 5. As the game and its shades are still developing, Nekki will soon launch its parts to Shadow Fight fans for testing purposes. Hence, we will then update you about Shadow Fight Shades APK.


In conclusion, Shadow Fight Shades is an upcoming game that is expected to continue the legacy of the Shadow Fight series. It will offer similar gameplay and diverse opponents, and the iconic shades will return, offering players a unique fighting experience. As the game’s development is still in progress, fans will have to wait for the official release to explore its features and gameplay.

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