Shadow Fight 0 (SF0/ SFZero) Game

Created by Evgeniy Dyabin, Shadow Fight 0, also known as SF0/ SFZero, is a web-based alternate reality game. Initially designed for San Francisco residents, it has since attracted players from other areas of the United States and beyond. It involves players completing various tasks, such as creative projects or community-building activities, to earn points. 

What was Special about Shadow Fight 0?

The game was developed in 2001, and its developer had great inspiration from a famous movie, The Matrix, in developing this game. In the game, players could control silhouettes that could engage in hand-to-hand combat, similar to the gameplay in the subsequent four games in the series in SF1, SF2, SF2 Special Edition, SF3, SF4, and Shadow Fight Shades. It was the first game in the Shadow Fight series. SF0 has no playable version as of 2023 and is not available on any platform.


Shadow Fight 0 Inspiration: “The Matrix” Movie

A science-based action film, The Matrix, released in 1999, followed the story of a computer programmer who learns that the world he lives in is a simulated reality created by sentient machines. The film’s innovative special effects, immersive world-building, and philosophical themes made it a classic of science fiction and action cinema. These special effects and action sequences have influenced the design of Shadow Fight 0.

GamePlay of SFZero

The gameplay of the game is divided into three categories known as Groups, Tasks, and Events:

  • Groups: SFZero players used to have to join a group when they started the game. They could choose to be listed as a member of any group they’ve completed tasks for. SFZero cheers alliance but also allows for competition between individuals, groups, and teams, where players can proclaim other players as either friends or foes.
  • Tasks: In this game, players come up with activities for other players to do, like starting a tipping trend in a place where it’s not usually done or spreading a legend around town. The rest of the players then vote on these tasks, and the creators get points based on the votes. SF0 had over 1200 retired activities and 130 active functions. Players were asked to do something out of the ordinary and to record the reactions of others.
  • Events: Players in SF0 are invited to participate in circumstances where they work together on a shared task. One such event, “The Sweet Cheat Gone,” tasked players with solving a mystery in the streets of San Francisco, collecting evidence, and navigating complicated relationships.


SF0, also known as an alternate-reality game, is an interactive game where players are challenged to complete often unconventional or surreal tasks. These tasks may be related to various fields or disciplines and are often designed to impact the real world somehow. Overall, SF0 is a game that encourages players to think creatively and challenge the norms of society.

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