Shadow Fight 2 Weapon: Their Classes and Ranges

Shadow Fight 2 weapons play a crucial role in determining a player’s fighting style and strategy and can be used for close combat, mid-range engagement, or long-range attacks. depending on the need and type of players. The article discusses several weapons available in SF2, their unique characteristics, and their effective use in battle. SF2 ranged weapons are categorized into short-range, mid-range, and long-range.

Shadow Fight 2 Weapons Categories

Shadow Fight 2 weapons are categorized into three ranges, known as short-range weapons, mid-range weapons and long-range weapons.

Category 1: SF2 Short Ranged Weapons

The short-range weapons in Shadow Fight 2 are designed to close combat and excel at dealing damage to enemies in close proximity to the player. These short-ranged Shadow Fight 2 Weapons are ideal for fast and aggressive close combat. However, it is less effective against opponents standing at a distance. Some examples of short-range weapons include:

Knives: One of the most popular short-range weapons in SF2 is the Knives, with pair of fast-attacking and low-damaging blades in each hand. The speed and versatility make it attractive for players who prefer fast and agile fighting styles. Knives allow players to make rapid-fire attacks and quickly respond to opponents’ moves. However, the blades alone cannot be as robust. Therefore, players must use this weapon strategically with quick thinking to emerge victorious in battle.

SF2 Weapon Knive

Fists: Fists are short-range Shadow Fight 2 Weaponswith fast attack speed and low damage whereas players can strike against an opponent with speed and agility. The attack could be made through straight punches, strong punches, double punches, spinning punches, uppercuts, and low punches. Fists are used for hand-to-hand combat and are the default weapon at the start of the game which does not need to be unlocked. 

SF2 Fists

Knuckles Dusters (Knuckles): Knuckles are hand-worn weapons and are small in size which is used in hand-to-hand combat. These are incredibly damaging and offer high mobility and rapid attack speed. Wrist blades also use fast attack speed from a short distance causing low damage to opponents. These have similar to fists features, however, they are powerful and cause more damage. This is used when opponents block to defend themselves, making it easy for players to hit them.

SF2 Knuckles

Claws: Claws are short-type range Shadow Fight 2 Weapons that are used for quick and powerful strikes while playing in close combat. They are short-reach but quick, making them ideal for quick damage to an opponent. Claws offer special moves where players can launch rapid combinations of attacks and strike through an opponent’s block.  

SF2 Claws

Category 2: SF2 Mid-Ranged Weapons

Mid-range weapons have a relatively longer reach compared to short-range weapons and are used to attack opponents from a moderate distance. These weapons balance the range, speed, and power to attack opponents and use a combination of quick and powerful strikes.

Here are some mid-ranged weapons in Shadow Fight 2:

Nunchaku: It is a mid-range weapon with two heavy sticks linked with a cord or rope. It causes moderate damage per hit and offers high mobility. The attacks with it could be multi-hit, leading to rapid speeds per hit. However, it slows overall attack times. Players can use the weapon for rapid attacks to move quickly and hir multiple times. Nunchaku can be upgraded to increase speed and durability and reduce stamina consumption.

SF2 Nunchaku

Bo Staff: The bo staff is another mid-range weapon to be used for hand-to-hand combat. It is a long wooden pole 6 feet in length to be used in various martial arts styles. It is used to strike against an opponent and reach to strike the opponent while maintaining a moderate distance. In terms of speed and power, the weapon is balanced making it a food choice for players at a moderate distance. It has special moves which can be used to launch rapid combinations of attacks. 

SF2 BOStaff

Spear: The spear is another weapon that can be used in Shadow Fight 2. This weapon helps hit powerful thrusting attacks from a distance. It is used against opponents who are fighting with short-range weapons. It is a long and pointed weapon needed for long-range sweeps. It is used to strike, thrust and poke opponents while staying at a safe distance. 

SF2 Spear

Category 3: SF3 Long-Range Weapons

Long-range weapons allow the player character to attack their opponents from a distance. Some of these weapons include:

Sai: It is a long-range weapon with fast attack speed, which causes low damage. These are blades with sharp tips which are used for stabbing. Sai has fast moves but causes low damage and is used by the fighter Velvet, Needle, and Ninja counterparts.

SF2 Sai

Kusarigama: Kusarigama is one of the extremely long-range weapons in Shadow Fight 2. It is a Japanese sickle-like weapon that is attached to a chain. The Kusarigama is a versatile weapon required for both long-range and mid-range attacks. Players use the chain to strike against opponents from a distance, whereas the sickle is used for powerful slashing attack up delivery. The weapon can damage the opponent’s legs significantly. It is a good choice for users who want to disable their enemies instead of killing them quickly. 

Shadow Fight 2 Weapons

Nagitana: It is another pole weapon but attached with curved blades to the end. It is used for a long reach to deal with quick thrusting attacks. The weapon comes with Bloodrage which is achieved by defeating Hawk.

SF2 Nagitana

How to Choose Weapons

Players can choose Shadow Fight 2 Weapons by accessing the weapons menu in the game’s main menu. Players can view all the weapons and choose the one that best suits their fighting style. It is crucial to experiment with different weapons before selecting the one with the more comfortable features. In this way, they could have an advantage in combat. Here is the procedure to choose the most suitable weapons direct from the application:

  • Download Shadow Fight 2 by clicking the download button for android, iOS and PC/Windows.
  • The game will have all lecvels and equipment unlocked
  • Choose the most suited weapons from the list of different weapons and select the suitable ones from the available list. 
  • Select the weapon and click the “Equip” button.
  • You can use the “Upgrade” button without spending a coin or money.

Final Words

Shadow Fight 2 Weapons offer short-range, medium-range, and long-range categories for players to choose from, each with its unique characteristics and strengths. SF2 ranged weapons choice depends on the power and reach of the spear, where you can select ones that suit your style. Players can experiment with different weapons and choose the most comfortable one to gain an advantage in combat.


You can unlock new weapons and equipment in the game by progressing through the story mode, and by winning battles and earning money.

To perform special moves with a particular weapon, you will need to learn the moves in the Dojo, which is available in the game’s main menu. Each weapon has its own set of special moves, and you will need to complete training sessions to learn how to perform them.

You can upgrade your weapons and equipment by using money and upgrade points, which can be earned by winning battles and completing challenges. Besides, you can download the Shadow Fight 2 MOD APK from our website to get free weapons.

The weapon choice depends on the player’s playstyle and skills, hence, no one weapon is considered the most powerful. However, Kusarigama is considered most attractive for players due to its versatility and ability to powerfully strike from a distance.

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